Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nurture Your Leads Better

All marketers have a single goal, to get an impressive amount of leads. Because in their mind, more leads result in increased sales, but that is not exactly true. The number of leads a business has is not directly responsible for increasing their sales. In fact, a much more effective measure is the quality of leads. This means that, to boost your company’s sales, you should nurture the leads that you have to increase conversion rates.

Following are simple yet effective guidelines that can help sales and marketing personnel in better nurturing of leads.

Before you decide that a lead should be pursued, you should conduct a thorough research on that lead. Who or what that person or organization is. If you call up a lead without the proper knowledge you will end up doing more damage than good.

‘Bad’ Leads
When you are starting the nurturing process you will need to recognize leads that will not pan out. You can use lead management software to verify the pursuable leads. Otherwise you will only be wasting your time trying to convince leads who have no interest in buying from you. People who are more interested in making purchases from your websites will likely click on the advertisements that you have provided, fill the given forms or contact you via phone. These are the leads that should be dedicating your time to.

Know your Leads
When you have weeded out the ‘bad’ leads, you can start organizing the remaining leads into categories according to the perceived requirements. Some leads will turn into customers with a single phone call. But others will require a more prolonged persuasion process. You will need to remain in regular contact with them to turn them into potential customers.

Build Trust
Don’t bombard a lead with your offers and try to make it all about your sales. The more hesitant leads require a more delicate touch. You should ask them about their needs and problems. Every time a marketer speaks to a lead, he/she can learn something about them. Track all the details of note so you can be helpful to your leads at a later time. Suggest ways and offer information with which they can fulfill their requirements and solve their issues. This will help build their confidence in you.

A marketer’s job is not done yet, once the leads are turned into paying customers the nurturing process is almost complete. You need to send follow-up emails and make regular calls to the leads to inquire about their continuing needs so they can be turned into repeat customers.

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