Thursday, July 10, 2014

Who is your Lead?

A big challenge in lead generation is providing the right offer to the right people. To resolve this issue some companies have started building personas for their leads or buyers. This has led them to develop more targeted marketing campaigns.

By attracting the right people to your content and in turn, your company; you will have a greater chance of converting them into quality leads. Assigning personas to your leads gives you the opportunity to manufacture tailor made strategies to engage the leads that can be turned into consumers with minimal effort.
Building Lead Personas
Personas for leads can be developed with the help of your marketing, product management and sales staff. They can provide details about different aspects of the type of consumers your business has. You can use this information to build different categories for your leads, and the following method can help you do exactly that:

Know your Target Audience
When you have a conversation with your sales personnel, you can learn about the type of customers you already have. This will help your glean what segments of people you should be targeting with your marketing campaign.

When companies develop a lead generation strategy, it is designed to target a specific group of people. By assigning a persona to the people in that group, you can develop content for a specific type of person and not for a group. Content or message created using this methodology will be more comprehensive and relatable to the leads.

Understanding their Needs
To assign the right persona to your leads, you will need to understand their needs and problems. You can talk to existing customers and have your leads fill out surveys, to learn what issues they are faced with. You can offer solution to these problems through your products/services.

Involve the Sales Team
It is crucial that you keep the sales team in the loop in the representation process. They are the ones on the frontline dealing with the customers every day. They know your clientele the best, the can help provide the personas for your leads.

Once you have created personas for your lead, you can develop a marketing campaign which will be effective in attracting and engaging the leads. You will have to keep updating the personas periodically, so you can keep evolving your lead generation campaign for maximum efficiency.

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