Thursday, July 10, 2014

Learn to Speak the Language of your Prospects

Cold calling is one the most reliable and effective prospecting or lead generation methods. It is also one of the most dreaded ones. People hate cold calls and marketers have also come to like them less, who likes being yelled at by 10 different people in a span of a few hours. But it doesn’t have to be that dreadful, if you take the right approach. Prospects you are calling can be turned into valuable customers, if you learn to speak their language and take a more tactical approach.

Call the RIGHT Person
Before you can start to convert prospects into consumers, you have to make sure that you are talking the right person, the decision maker. Make several calls if you need to, until you get in touch with the person who handles the decision making. Don’t take any clever approaches to get through to the decision maker, don’t lie or pretend to be their long lost friend. Be truthful and tell them that you are selling this and this and you would like talk to the person in charge. If you are persistent enough, you will get in touch with them, and you would have made a good impression on them.

Don’t Sell Yet
Once you are talking with the right person, have a conversation with them and don’t just start pitching them a sale from the get go. Keep the conversation light; squeeze in joke or two if you can. Bring the conversation towards their problems. Be genuine and show concern for their issues.

Offer a Solution
Now you can start your sales pitch. After you have listened to their issues, you can offer them a solution in the form of your product. You will have to be creative and use a quick wit to guide the conversation towards the sales pitch.

Close the Deal
When you have told the prospect about your products and how it can help them, you can move on towards asking them for their contact information. Don’t forget to thank them for their time and transfer them to the sales department. Your part of the job is done.

By following the procedure above you can turn many leads into consumers. There will be some difficult prospects which will require a bit more maneuvering on your part. But if you use the right ‘language’ you can turn even difficult leads in to consumers.

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