Thursday, July 10, 2014

You Said What to your Lead?

There are so many things that need to work in order to generate a quality lead. Contact information for the leads needs to be gathered, those leads need to be verified and finally, a connection is made with the leads in order to turn them into warm leads.

That whole process can be rendered useless, if the captured leads are not nurtured properly. By following an effective nurturing procedure and avoiding the following mistakes you can utilize the generated leads properly:
All generated Leads are not Equal
A common mistake that many businesses make is that they treat all their gathered lead equally. This can waste the time of your marketing staff and tax your resources. The simplest solution is that you should invest in lead management software. Software will allow you to verify the leads and score them; you can place the leads in different categories according to their value.

Disregarding the Leads
After spending time and energy in attracting the leads to their brands, businesses make the mistake of ignoring the leads. When the leads have shown interest in your company’s products or services, they can be turned into customers. Show them the proper attention and provide them with regular updates, to nurture them properly.

Hello, we are selling…click
Don’t include a sales pitch in every piece of conversation you have with the leads. This will give a feeling of a forced sale and that will make a bad impression on them. People are constantly bombarded with sales calls and emails, you should stand out. Provide them with informative material that can be useful to them.

No Split Testing
Split testing is an important tactic in lead nurturing. It allows you to learn which of your lead nurturing strategies is working and which is not getting the desired results. Even the best haul of leads can be lost if a proper nurturing strategy is not in place. Split testing provides you with an opportunity to minimize the losses.

Mentioned above are the most common mistakes made in the lead nurturing process. By rectifying these issues you can streamline the nurturing process and turn more leads into valuable customers.

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