Friday, July 25, 2014

Lead Nurturing: Don’t Sell, Help your Customers Buy

In the world of marketing and sales, the definition of the word Lead is always changing as newer technologies are being introduced. There are easier ways of contacting people then there were before. The introduction of social media has completely changed the atmosphere of the lead generation business. You cannot apply the same old methods to convince leads to buy your products or services that you used before.

The buyers have become smarter – they are more hesitant in being influenced into making purchases. This requires the marketers to adjust their approach and go from selling to a customer to helping a customer buy.

How to Help Customer Buy
Making this subtle but important change in the way marketers approach the lead can be difficult. But the following tips will help simplify it:

  1. When you first contact the lead, you need to build a mindset of customers first. The rest of the process should come to you naturally after that. Try to show genuine interest in what they say to you. Ask them about their needs and confirm that the service or product you provide can fulfill their requirements.

  2. Listen carefully to the leads and note all the details that can be useful later. You can learn about their needs and buying patterns from the information that the customers provide you with. You can also learn what it would take for to convince them to buy from you.

  3. The most important thing you need to remember is that you have to stop campaigning for your products or services. Don’t overwhelm leads with your selling tactics. Have a real conversation with them. You need to make the leads feel like you are there to help them get what they want.

  4. Your lead nurturing strategy should be based on one word, “help”. The lead shouldn’t feel that you are a salesman or a marketer. They should feel that you are there to provide them with a service they need.

  5. When contacting customers through email or social media, you should create compelling content. If you have created a rapport with the lead they will share that content with others.

  6. Train your sales and marketing staff whenever there is a new trend in lead nurturing. You need to change with the technology or you will lose out quality leads to your rivals.
By remembering these tips, your sales and marketing staff can successfully help the customers buy your products or services. With the emerging trends, it is necessary to change your lead nurturing strategy accordingly to keep the standards of your business and your revenues high.

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