Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lead Generation through Content Marketing

Lead generation was left to telemarketing, email campaigning and seminars. But now businesses are using focused content marketing to attract their target consumers. A survey by Marketingprofs and the Content Marketing Institute suggests that, about 90% of businesses are using content marketing to generate leads and expand their business.

Creating engaging content in any form can help raise the awareness about a brand online. To effectively generate quality leads here are some popular content marketing methods:
Webinars have become a very powerful content marketing tools, everyone online seems to be using them. So you will have to stand above the rest with a catchy title and including highly useful information in it. You can make use of some clever surveys, along with your webinar, to gather information about the participants. Webinars are free, so people will flock to them, if they are even remotely relevant to them. With the surveys accompanied with your webinar, you can turn them all into leads.

Articles and Whitepapers
Publishing relevant articles online is the most popular content marketing tactic. The articles are published in different directories online and contain keywords related to the business. They are easily searchable and usually contain contact information at the end, so potential consumers can be driven to your website.
Whitepapers provide solution to problems and help people understand complicated procedures. People will be attracted to them and will download them to gain information. A cleverly placed web form can gather every downloader’s contact information for you to use.

LinkedIn is one of the more ‘buttoned up’ social media sites. It keeps a low profile as far as marketing is concerned. But now people are realizing the marketing potential of LinkedIn. For generating leads through content marketing, you can start a group on LinkedIn. They are very easy to setup and when you send an invite through your company’s profile, it will be more legitimate. All the people that accept your invite are potential leads. You can start relevant discussions in the groups to further your cause.

Presentations on Slideshare
Slideshare is that little blip on your content marketing radar, that your thought was a dust mark. You can pick a topic that will surely attract the attention of your target demographic, create a snazzy presentation on it and put it up on Slideshare. With well placed links you can draw potential leads to your own website through your Slideshare presentation.

The content marketing tactics mentioned above can be used to generate quality leads if they are utilized the right way.

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