Thursday, July 24, 2014

Lead Generation 101 - How to get started in Lead Generation

Imagine that you are watching a good movie and the film just got to the most important scene that will decide the life and death of the lead character. Just as the crucial scene approaches, your phone rings and someone asks for you by name and tells you that it is a very important call. They continue on to say they need to know about your insurance coverage. Well this annoying phone call is from a telemarketer who is gathering leads for his business.

Lead What?
Lead generation is a process of inquiring and gathering information on potential clients. Back in the day, lead generation was performed in trade shows where company representatives would setup a booth and have people fill up cards or forms with their contact information. These ‘leads’ would then be contacted via mail or telephone to inquire about their interest in purchasing the particular company’s products or services.

Now that the internet is uber-popular, greater portions of leads are generated online with the help of some lead management softwares that can streamline the whole process greatly. But still, a large number of leads are generated through inbound and outbound phone calls. Good lead management can help you build a relationship with your customers and can increase your business revenues. You can either generate leads for your business yourself or hire one of the numerous agencies that provide leads to businesses.

Getting Started
Generating your own leads may appeal to you and it is the more cost effective method. But hiring an agency to provide you with the leads is not that expensive either while being much more effective. You can choose the option you prefer and get started. First, there needs to be one or multiple websites setup to gather the leads. You can advertise your products or services on these pages and attract potential customers. You should include a form that requires people to provide their contact information. And also a valid phone number so that the potential consumers can call you if required.

The information is processed and verified. There is a whole lead database created that can be used to send promotional emails to the leads and can also be used to call them. You then need to skillfully convince these leads to make purchases from your website. Don’t be obvious about making a sale; build a relationship with potential consumers to turn them into loyal ones.

This basic information will help you make the decision on getting started with your lead generation. You can either generate and manage your own leads or hire an agency to do it for you. Wherever the leads originate, they will eventually help you boost your sales and improve your profits.

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