Monday, October 20, 2014

Importance of Lead Verification in Call Centers

Verifying leads adds value to them; when clients receive leads that are verified, it makes more of an impression, building your credibility. In other words, a good verification process in your lead gathering operation can help increase your profits.

Lead verification solutions are just as important for call centers; they can help you to take the next step in your business venture. Lead Capsule can help you in this regard; whether an outsourced call center or an internally handled one, our software can be integrated to any dialing platform and help you to verify all the leads you have gathered. The automated verification process of Lead capsule can offer many benefits to your business, such as:

Shorter Call Duration
If the lead has been verified beforehand, then your customer service representatives (CSRs) will not have to keep prospects on the line for long. They will not need to verify any type of information from the leads and it will help them move on to the next person on the list sooner.

More Efficient Process
By employing Lead Capsule’s automated verification system, you can streamline the verification process. The domino effect of this shortened process will be felt in all parts of your business; it will maximize the efficiency of your whole organization.

Saves Time
Implementing a call verification system or integrating our software in your call center can help save you loads of time. You can reduce the time your CSRs spend calling bad leads. When they work with a verified list of leads, they will only be calling people who can be turned into potential sales.

With Lead Capsule, you can choose to verify leads using multiple fields without much effort. After the lead is verified and your agent is finished with his task, the lead can be delivered to the relevant client in real-time using the many different delivery methods of the software.

Increased Profits
The most important reason for using a lead verification system at your call center is of course the ultimate increase in profits. All of the factors mentioned above will contribute to the bottom-line. The efficient work environment, amount of verified leads gathered, and the timely delivery of leads, will have a significant impact on your revenues.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; Lead Capsule has numerous features that can help you in your Lead Management and daily call center operations. Have anything to add? Feel free to share via the comments below!

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