Friday, October 24, 2014

Lead Nurturing with Email

Our Lead Management software, Lead Capsule, can help you manage leads in the most efficient way possible, but it cannot help you to convert your leads into meaningful sales directly. Turning prospects into sales is all up to the lead nurturing strategy you adapt.

When nurturing leads via email, you have to take extra care in the creation of the marketing content. Unlike other lead nurturing methods, email inhibits the personal connection you can make with your clients. So, you have to be more creative with the content of the messages, the frequency of the messages and the amount of messages you are sending them.

Catchy Subject
The subject line in the email is like introducing your message to the leads. If your introduction is dull or generic, then your clients will not be compelled to open the message. You have to write creative subject lines in your emails, something that will make the prospects open your message; you can go more personal and add their names in the subject line.

Calls to Action
Any effective email marketing content should include multiple calls to action, and emails are no exception. Ideally, you should mention a call to action at the beginning of the message, and another at the end of it.

Easy on the Eyes
The content should be very easy to read; write it in short paragraphs or use bullets to make your points. Don’t let the lists get too long, that will leave a bad impression on the prospects.

Personal Touch
Have your sales agents sign the email with their personal name instead of the company name. This will give a personal touch to the message; this will improve the chances of compliance from the prospect.

Don’t Spam
Read about and comply with all the spam guidelines of different email providers. For example, some email service providers don’t display images from unknown addresses until the user allows them. Be mindful of these guidelines when composing the marketing content.

These tips will help you nurture leads better using email. And remember that Lead Capsule can help you streamline the lead capturing and management processes, so you can focus more on nurturing the leads. If you have any opinions regarding the topic or have something to add, then please leave your comments below.

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