Friday, October 24, 2014

Lead Nurturing with Email

Our Lead Management software, Lead Capsule, can help you manage leads in the most efficient way possible, but it cannot help you to convert your leads into meaningful sales directly. Turning prospects into sales is all up to the lead nurturing strategy you adapt.

When nurturing leads via email, you have to take extra care in the creation of the marketing content. Unlike other lead nurturing methods, email inhibits the personal connection you can make with your clients. So, you have to be more creative with the content of the messages, the frequency of the messages and the amount of messages you are sending them.

Catchy Subject
The subject line in the email is like introducing your message to the leads. If your introduction is dull or generic, then your clients will not be compelled to open the message. You have to write creative subject lines in your emails, something that will make the prospects open your message; you can go more personal and add their names in the subject line.

Calls to Action
Any effective email marketing content should include multiple calls to action, and emails are no exception. Ideally, you should mention a call to action at the beginning of the message, and another at the end of it.

Easy on the Eyes
The content should be very easy to read; write it in short paragraphs or use bullets to make your points. Don’t let the lists get too long, that will leave a bad impression on the prospects.

Personal Touch
Have your sales agents sign the email with their personal name instead of the company name. This will give a personal touch to the message; this will improve the chances of compliance from the prospect.

Don’t Spam
Read about and comply with all the spam guidelines of different email providers. For example, some email service providers don’t display images from unknown addresses until the user allows them. Be mindful of these guidelines when composing the marketing content.

These tips will help you nurture leads better using email. And remember that Lead Capsule can help you streamline the lead capturing and management processes, so you can focus more on nurturing the leads. If you have any opinions regarding the topic or have something to add, then please leave your comments below.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Challenges Faced in Lead Generation

Challenges are aplenty when it comes to lead generation; and with increasing advancements in technology and the evolution of the internet, these challenges have only increased. The easy access to information has made speaking to prospects considerably challenging than it used to be. We could list all of problems that lead generating firms face but that would take a while; so let’s just take a look at the most commonly faced issues instead:

Developing and Evolving Strategies
Coming up with a strategy to effectively capture leads is one of the biggest challenges that any lead generating firm faces. They have to formulate a plan that can attract the attention of the prospects. A must-include feature in this strategy should be flexibility. Your agents should be able to adjust it according to the prospect they are in contact with.

Agreement and Implementation
Developing a strategy is one thing, getting every member to agree on the plan and implementing it is whole other can of worms. The solution would be to keep everyone in the loop when the strategy is being formulated. At the time of the implementation, remember all the important facets of the plan.

The Right People
Lead capturing/generating firms need the right people working in their operation. Finding individuals with the right qualities is difficult; they need to have excellent communication skills, be quick on their feet, be patient and efficient, etc. When hiring, you should be meticulous about looking for people with such qualities.

Lead Management
The whole process of capturing/generating leads, their management and delivery is extremely difficult. It can be simplified with the help of our lead management software, Lead Capsule. It has all the features that will streamline the whole procedure. It offers different ways to capture leads, you can manage the leads with more ease and it has many different ways of distributing the leads to your clients.

Relevant Content
Finding useful and relevant content to retain the attention of the prospects is essential, but it can be a bit tricky. The agents have to have a conversation with the prospects, ask about the issues that they have. After researching the issue, the agent should offer the prospect articles, blogs, etc with relevant information in the follow up call or email.

Most of these issues can be solved with dedication and hard work. For all logistical problems involved with lead handling, get Lead Capsule. Do you think there are worse issues out there? Let us know by leaving your comments.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Importance of Lead Verification in Call Centers

Verifying leads adds value to them; when clients receive leads that are verified, it makes more of an impression, building your credibility. In other words, a good verification process in your lead gathering operation can help increase your profits.

Lead verification solutions are just as important for call centers; they can help you to take the next step in your business venture. Lead Capsule can help you in this regard; whether an outsourced call center or an internally handled one, our software can be integrated to any dialing platform and help you to verify all the leads you have gathered. The automated verification process of Lead capsule can offer many benefits to your business, such as:

Shorter Call Duration
If the lead has been verified beforehand, then your customer service representatives (CSRs) will not have to keep prospects on the line for long. They will not need to verify any type of information from the leads and it will help them move on to the next person on the list sooner.

More Efficient Process
By employing Lead Capsule’s automated verification system, you can streamline the verification process. The domino effect of this shortened process will be felt in all parts of your business; it will maximize the efficiency of your whole organization.

Saves Time
Implementing a call verification system or integrating our software in your call center can help save you loads of time. You can reduce the time your CSRs spend calling bad leads. When they work with a verified list of leads, they will only be calling people who can be turned into potential sales.

With Lead Capsule, you can choose to verify leads using multiple fields without much effort. After the lead is verified and your agent is finished with his task, the lead can be delivered to the relevant client in real-time using the many different delivery methods of the software.

Increased Profits
The most important reason for using a lead verification system at your call center is of course the ultimate increase in profits. All of the factors mentioned above will contribute to the bottom-line. The efficient work environment, amount of verified leads gathered, and the timely delivery of leads, will have a significant impact on your revenues.

This is just the tip of the iceberg; Lead Capsule has numerous features that can help you in your Lead Management and daily call center operations. Have anything to add? Feel free to share via the comments below!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Cold Calling vs. Call Nurturing

What does it say about a job when people performing it don’t even like it? It is quite well known, in the lead generation business, that most sales agents don’t like making cold calls. And cold calls don’t exactly make the day of the people on the other end of the line either. This is a major reason why many people in the lead capturing industry are predicting the demise of cold calling.

It may be premature to predict the demise of one of the most effective ways of lead capturing when all that may be needed is to tweak the approach of cold calling a little bit. The sales agents have to change their mindset, they have to stop thinking about cold calls, and start thinking about call nurturing.

Call Nurturing
Customer service representatives have to stop their interruption marketing tactics because people don’t appreciate them anymore. The approach should be about building relationships and not about making a sale on the first call.

Be Helpful
When you are developing your lead capturing campaign or plan, put yourself in the customer’s shoes. When was the last time you received a cold call that was useful for you? Your customers feel exactly the same way.

Advise your agents not to try for the sale right after saying hello; the hard-sell approach will be detrimental to the cause. The most important thing they need to do in that first call is to listen to what the customer has to say, and provide them with information or resources that will be useful to them.

The Right Information
Do your homework on the prospects that you are contacting; the worst mistake a sales agent can make is to call the customer without knowing everything relevant about them. Once you have all the relevant information about them, you will be able to provide solutions to the problems they are faced with.You can offer them information about the issue plaguing them, in the form of blogs, articles, sites, etc.

Build Relationships
This personal touch will help you gain their trust and develop a relationship with them. You use follow up voice messages or calls to inquire about their problems. Finally, you get to make a sale; you can offer them the products or services your organization provides as solutions.

For optimal lead management, use our software, Lead Capsule. Its various features will allow you to capture, organize and deliver your leads efficiently. If you have anything to add to the topic or have an opinion about cold calling, then please share it with us by leaving your comments.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Nurture Your Leads Better

All marketers have a single goal, to get an impressive amount of leads. Because in their mind, more leads result in increased sales, but that is not exactly true. The number of leads a business has is not directly responsible for increasing their sales. In fact, a much more effective measure is the quality of leads. This means that, to boost your company’s sales, you should nurture the leads that you have to increase conversion rates.

Following are simple yet effective guidelines that can help sales and marketing personnel in better nurturing of leads.

Before you decide that a lead should be pursued, you should conduct a thorough research on that lead. Who or what that person or organization is. If you call up a lead without the proper knowledge you will end up doing more damage than good.

‘Bad’ Leads
When you are starting the nurturing process you will need to recognize leads that will not pan out. You can use lead management software to verify the pursuable leads. Otherwise you will only be wasting your time trying to convince leads who have no interest in buying from you. People who are more interested in making purchases from your websites will likely click on the advertisements that you have provided, fill the given forms or contact you via phone. These are the leads that should be dedicating your time to.

Know your Leads
When you have weeded out the ‘bad’ leads, you can start organizing the remaining leads into categories according to the perceived requirements. Some leads will turn into customers with a single phone call. But others will require a more prolonged persuasion process. You will need to remain in regular contact with them to turn them into potential customers.

Build Trust
Don’t bombard a lead with your offers and try to make it all about your sales. The more hesitant leads require a more delicate touch. You should ask them about their needs and problems. Every time a marketer speaks to a lead, he/she can learn something about them. Track all the details of note so you can be helpful to your leads at a later time. Suggest ways and offer information with which they can fulfill their requirements and solve their issues. This will help build their confidence in you.

A marketer’s job is not done yet, once the leads are turned into paying customers the nurturing process is almost complete. You need to send follow-up emails and make regular calls to the leads to inquire about their continuing needs so they can be turned into repeat customers.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What is Ping Post Technology?

Businesses that have to deal with hundreds and thousands of customers or leads on a daily basis have a hard time keeping track of every customer. Managing leads can be more difficult than generating them. The level of competition for each lead makes it necessary for a business to keep track of each and every lead that they have generated lest they lose them. Manually performing this task will be time consuming and the amount of mistakes that will be made will be unaffordable. It would be more sensible to use some sort of technology or a tool that can help organize and keep track of the leads.

Introduction of Ping Post Technology
The best tool to use for this purpose is the Ping Post technology; it is revolutionary technology that can help businesses keep track of their leads. Its biggest advantage is that it can save you time. You can access the leads information in a manner of nanoseconds. It can be customized to suit your needs, so you can use it to not only save time but also to be more efficient.

Ping Post technology brings its many tiered benefits to your business. It provides you with many different options to categorize your leads. You can establish connections with your buyers and send information using pings which are swift and can save on costs of sending your data to your clients. It sends only a single piece of information like a phone or social security number to the client’s server. The information is pinged and if client’s server verifies the lead they purchase it. It keeps the whole lead from exposure while providing the essential function needed to sell the lead.

It keeps you from doing expensive and tiresome manual work that would have been required if not for Ping Post technology. Imagine trying to verify each lead manually, it would take days or months to validate the amount of leads a business can generate in a single day. Ping Post technology has an automated feature that will validate all the good leads and point you to the leads that are inaccurate. You can easily get rid of these bad leads whenever you wish using the system.

You can keep detailed records of all your transaction using Ping Post technology. You don’t need to purchase any additional software to perform that function. With its many benefits and ease of use it can transform your business by allowing your employees to be more efficient.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Lead Generation: Balancing Quality and Quantity

There are two basic approaches to lead generation that companies can adopt. The first is to take the route of brute force tactics and generate as many leads as you can. The second one is a more calculated approach –patiently wading through the data and generating leads that you believe will surely turn into potential customers.

One tactic focuses on quality while the other is based on quantity. But how do you know which methodology is the best one for you? The choice depends on your goals, and your sales and marketing personnel.

Lead Quantity
If you have the right amount of personnel in your sales and marketing department and you can spare them for the amount of time required to generate a large number of leads – you can take the quantity route. Simple math will tell you that there is a higher probability of finding more pursuable leads if you gather a large amount of them.

If you are purchasing leads from an agency, you can buy more leads at a lower cost if they are unverified or low quality. You can dedicate time and effort to build up these leads. Given the right persuasion techniques and dedication, you can foster repeat customers from these low quality leads. But it will require an extraordinary amount of work to sift through all those leads and find the ones that will turn into sales. So be prepared for that if you choose to follow this method.

Lead Quality
When you want to save time and you think that your employees’ efforts will be better spent doing other tasks than chasing many leads, you can choose to generate or purchase quality leads. Instruct your marketing and sales staff to do their research before they contact leads. Go after the leads that you believe have a high chance of converting into paying customers.

If you are purchasing leads from an agency – use lead verification software that can verify quality leads. Only buy the leads which can be verified; they will cost you more than unverified leads but they will have a higher conversion rate. You staff will require less time and effort to convince these leads to buy your products or services.

There is no right answer to which approach is better for your business; both have their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, it depends on how much money, effort or time you are willing to sacrifice to gain the leads and nurture them into paying customers.